Founded in Denmark in 2005 by Peter Lyngdorf, Lyngdorf Audio is a brand recognised for some of the best high performance, digital audio products in the world, including loudspeakers and amplifiers. Its mission is to protect, preserve and replay pure sound.

Lyngdorf has been developing products that go beyond the ordinary since it’s conception. This is primarily due to Peter Lyngdorf’s experience in conceiving and implementing some of the most significant audio breakthroughs in history, including the development of the world’s first digital amplifier in 1999.

In 2006, the year after Lyngdorf Audio was founded, the company launched its room correction system, RoomPerfect™. Back then, this ‘before-its-time’ technology intelligently removed the negative effects of a room’s acoustics from the sound of the loudspeakers and boasted a fully digital amplifier. It was this innovation that set the stage for a future ground-breaking collaboration.

From the very beginning, Lyngdorf’s research and development department has always sought out technological advances in the audio industry. Developed, tested and implemented purposefully, the company ensures that its sound systems always deliver audio exactly as the musician and sound engineer intended.

Unsurprisingly, Lyngdorf’s work caught the attention of iconic piano maker Steinway & Sons. In 2007 Lyngdorf gained the rights to manufacture audio systems under the name Steinway Lyngdorf.

A coup indeed, and so Steinway Lyngdorf emerged as creators of the finest sound systems in the world.

The partnership progressed rapidly due to its research and forward-thinking, and between 2009 and 2011 several speaker series were introduced including the highly acclaimed contemporary designed Model S.

Lyngdorf’s reputation is based on the promise of pure sound perfection and continues to achieve further advances in sound technology. Just like its founding.