Pro-Ject Audio is a company based in Austria that manufactures a range of audio equipment including a line of turntables and turntable accessories. The company was founded in 1991 when CD players and the compact disc were riding high in the market. Despite this, Pro-Ject’s mission and primary objective was to offer the best analog experience at the most reasonable price using the best components.

Pro-Ject consistently showcases their ability to keep turntables fresh and interesting and strive to create astonishing products with excellent value. It only uses the best components and manufactures handmade goods solely in Europe.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems not only produce affordable products, but they are also remarkably precise in their mechanics, simplicity, and efficiency. The modern manufacturing mechanism of the latest systems does not provide the high impact, and sound quality of original Hi-Fi stereo as the high-grade speakers in them are closed into a single casing. Hence, the unique mechanics, physics, and efficiency utilised in Pro-Ject’s products is a factor that makes them stand out over their competition. The excellent customer service, high-end quality and support have also always been a big attraction for consumers as is the company’s eye for future trends!

A variety of products including tonearms, cartridges, vinyl cleaning equipment and other accessories for various purposes are produced by Pro-Ject. The company also shows great interest in the making of stereo playback systems.